Broadreach Asset Management

Proper asset management is the key to seeing maximized returns on your network and telecommunications investments.

As a business grows, its telecommunications assets will end up spread across every office and building it occupies. This quickly creates a logistical challenge that requires a powerful centralized tracking solution. This becomes especially important as a piece of equipment nears the end of its life.

With proper asset management, network disconnects can be tracked and disconnected on time, every time. These savings are often lost without the ability to track your services. Beyond that, a proper asset management system can provide a wealth of information necessary for the day-to-day operations of your telecommunications, including:

  • Product documentation
  • Circuit documentation
  • Carrier & equipment services contracts
  • Support contact numbers and emails
  • Warranty periods and coverage
  • Contract expiration alert scheduling
  • Telecom services and carrier order tracking

This is why BroadReach Communications is proud to offer BAM (BroadReach Asset Management) tracking system as the centerpiece of our TAM and TEM solutions.

Partner With BroadReach For The Best In Telecom Asset Management

We offer one of the most flexible and easy-to-use solutions in the industry, capable of tracking assets across the globe from a single unified web interface. We’ll set up the system and assist you with initial inventorying. From there, you’ll be able to:

  • Instantly update your inventory as hardware changes
  • Produce a Google Maps visual guide to every item
  • Create detailed reports from any combination of data
  • Customize packaging for resale
  • Quickly manage client and worker data access

And, for the new year, we are offering 2 free months of BAM software! Up to three users are included along with two hours of consulting to assist with uploading your telecom assets.

Contact us today to see the power of BroadReach Asset Management for yourself!