Hockey, shmockey. Minnesota has become a volleyball hotbed!

I’m still a hockey fan first, but happy to see Volleyball continue to grow and create champions in our backyard!  Leading the way is Midwest Volleyball Warehouse and the Northern Lights Juniors, Read the full article here at!

CenturyLink completes acquisition of Level 3

Just about one year after this was announced, CenturyLink completed their acquisition of Level 3.  These 2 solid providers will combine for a very large fiber footprint and product portfolio.  I think it’s great opportunity they have to combine the strengths from both organisations… please reach out to us with any questions as we will be monitoring their integrations closely!

Full press release available here.

BroadReach becomes Platinum partner with Intelisys

On August 30th, 2017, We celebrated an achievement of being named a platinum partner with Intelisys.  I’m very proud of my team for working hard to take care of our customers everyday which has been at the heart our our success and growth.

Get out and RUN! (or walk in our case)

Yesterday 4 members of our BroadReach team completed the 5k run/walk in support of Kids Feeding Kids and Lost Loved Ones.  This was a great event for a great cause lead by a long time local company, Pawn America.  It’s nice to see other companies pitching in to help their community!

In addition to attending, we were happy to be able to sponsor a water station at this event!

From left to right:  Tom McKeown, Nate Anderson, Steve Bernard, Tiffany Monita

Event details:

Mitel to Go Big in CPaaS Market with ShoreTel Acquisition

Excited to see what changes and opportunities the Mitel Acquisition of ShoreTel brings to us at BroadReach and our customers!!


Feed My Starving Children

On March 20, 2017, the BroadReach team and their family members donated their time and man-power at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan to pack meals, stack pallets, and help in the warehouse.  The Feed My Starving Children organization has sent food to nearly 70 countries as well as to victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi and more.  In just over an hour, the team packed enough food to feed 35 children for a year, and the food will be shipped to South America.  Having families of our own, the BroadReach team is proud to assist in providing such a basic, yet vital, need for men, women, and children around the world!


T-Mobile’s take on Taxes and Fees!

Maybe this trend will take off and spread to other carriers and into the enterprise space?  Meanwhile, we’ll keep digging through invoices to get your bill reviews done.  I definitely suggest using a TEM provider to review your invoices on a monthly basis vs trying to sort through all the taxes and fees etc. by hand!!

The Nest – donated baskets

The Nest is a maternity home in St Michael, MN that provides a mentorship program, including housing, for women facing unexpected pregnancy.  On May 5, 2017, The Nest held a banquet for the purpose of developing awareness and funds that are crucial to their mission.  The BroadReach team donated 7 baskets for the silent auction with themes ranging from movie night to baseball to gardening.  Over 100 people attended the banquet, and The Nest raised $17,000 to help continue their work and grow their program in the coming year.  The BroadReach team was privileged to assist in supporting such an outstanding organization!


Continuous training keeps BroadReach in front of next-generation services!

Thank you to Intelisys for introducing the Super9 program through the Cloud Services University.  Had a really good training session this month in Austin, TX.

CenturyLink Partner Expo 2017

We had a blast at the CenturyLink Partner Expo 2017.  It will be nice to see what they can do with the Level 3 acquisition over the coming years!!  Also, congrats to our partner Intelisys for earning CenturyLink partner of the year!

The article in the link below explains some of the potential strengths of the combined company.  So far, Ohio and Utah have approved the acquisition.