Broadreach Communications - Voice

Today’s Internet-based communications blend voice and data transmissions in a way that was impossible a decade ago. Even then, it was available only to the largest of companies. A business’s communications can freely flow over data lines, changing form and format as needed to ensure that every message is received – anywhere in the world.

BroadReach offers voice and data services that form the foundation of modern unified communications (UC). This mix of communicative and collaborative technologies extends far beyond traditional voice services, enabling offices around the world to work together in real-time on any project.

We bring you the best and most affordable options for local and long-distance services:

Local Service Offerings
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI): Also know as ISDN PRI or PRS, Primary Rate Interface offers crystal clear digital connections to the phone company. Switching from wholly analog lines to PRI circuits can also save businesses hundreds of dollars. The trick is to harness PRI circuits and eliminate analog lines at high volume locations.
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): SIP is becoming the standard, but businesses need to have the right infrastructure in place to take advantage of it. This is our expertise. Where PRI circuits can bring cost savings to a high volume location, SIP can bring cost savings to a high volume corporation.
  • Business Voice Lines: As your business expands, so do your demands for internal and external lines of communication. Whether you need physical wires or new virtual routers, BroadReach will ensure that your lines are always open.
Long Distance Offerings
  • Switched/Dedicated Long Distance & Toll-free: Should you use dedicated or switched access long distance & toll free services? Which does your call volume and infrastructure mandate? BroadReach helps you answer these questions and will assist your business in navigating requirements for dedicated access – such as T1, DS1, and PRI lines – and for switched access. Switched service uses existing PSTN telephone lines and sometimes is used for a backup to dedicated access lines.
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP): Onsite SIP trunking, through an IP-PBX relay system, creates a phone company on your own premises, bypassing traditional local and long distance connections. Your only ongoing monthly fee is for your bandwidth and long distance usage. BroadReach puts you in contact with carriers offering the best bulk rates to fit your growing telecommunications demands.
  • Integrated Access (IA): Integrated access devices (IADs) allow you to access multiple mediums – such as phone and data communications – on one circuit. BroadReach will help you choose the right IA provider to ensure secure and stable communications with robust voice quality and flexible configurations.
  • Teleconferencing: With online document collaboration, audio, video, and web-conferencing, and remote mobile device access, the differences between working at home and working at the office have almost disappeared. Easy telecommuting saves money – and it boosts morale.
  • Call Center Operations: With automated call queuing and forwarding, wait time estimates, and options for employee-customized hold music, virtually any UC environment can host call-center functions that are indistinguishable from those offered by professional call centers.

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