BroadReach Managed Services Platform

Inventory Management

We manage all of your network and telecom inventory, all in one place, with an easy to view portal. 

Contract Negotiation

Let us help you with the complex and time consuming process of contract negotiations. RFP Management

Order Management

We will process and verify all of your orders (changes, adds, moves, etc) and verify with carriers to ensure accuracy. 

Repair Resolution Escalation

We will manage any repair, change, add, or move orders. You will always have acess to current activity through our easy to view portal. 

Billing Disputes

Probably one of the most common activties we provide our clients, simple dispute resolution. With the complex environments of telecom, voice, data, broadband, we make sure everything is accurate.  

Billing Navigator (TM)

A simple to view portal that provides access to all of your assets, contracts, renewals, orders, etc. 


Let us manage your telecom challenges, so you can manage your business. 

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