Managed Services

Broadreach Communications - Managed Services

Traditionally, there have been two big barriers to the adoption of advanced communications services: The hardware and the expertise necessary to manage it.

Not all businesses can afford the team of accredited network experts needed to keep a global communications system running – but that doesn’t have to keep them out of the game.

Managed services provides you with indispensable partners who ensure your network and communications system remain in top condition – and at a fraction of what it would cost to hire dedicated in-house staff.

BroadReach can provide you with these services for low, on-going costs:

  • Project & Account Management: From operational structures to budgeting to contracting work to be done, your network operations can become smooth sailing. Your communications should be a tool that’s there when you need it – not a drag that holds your business back.
  • Consulting: A combined 75 years of experience in modern Internet communications means that we have the experience that can make your plans a reality. We provide full consulting services for virtually any technological venture you’re embarking on.
  • Network Design: A well-researched and planned network is going to have the longest lifespan and the highest ROI (return on investment). Whether you have five employees or five thousand, our robust network designs and implementations make the most of your budget.
  • Disaster Recovery: Do you have a plan to bring your communications back online in the event of a natural disaster, systems failure, or deliberate electronic disruption? BroadReach keeps you out of peril and ensures your operations continue with a minimum of lost productivity.
  • Market Rate Benchmarking: Proper budgeting is only possible with proper telecom tariff assessment when heading into the contract renewal and negotiation phases. We’ll ensure your numbers are right on track and comparable to other contracts in the marketplace.
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) Writing & Consulting: RFPs are the tool that allow you to research your vendor options and find the best deal out there, but they’re an extremely labor- and time-intensive tool to prepare. BroadReach manages the RFP writing and vendor-consulting process so that you can focus on what matters most to your business.
  • Vendor Management: Why should customer support calls waste your time? By acting as the interface between you and your vendors, we free you to focus on your operations– not the day-to-day management of them.
  • Telecom Expense Management (TEM): Are you getting the highest ROI on your telecommunications assets? With TEM, all of your telecom expenses are regularly managed, monitored, and audited all in one place, helping to reduce the risk of overspending and fraud.
  • Asset Management: Proper asset tracking and budgeting add up to large savings in the long run. Much like with TEM, asset management is one of the more important facets of keeping control of your business matters and streamlining costs.
  • Audits: Network audits go far beyond your equipment and software. Every state and country has different laws regulating data storage and retention policies. Frequent audits ensure you’re within the law and not risking costly fines or lawsuits.

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